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Friday 28th December,2012

Didn't get a hot shower this morning either at 8.30am. We walked to LeBistro for breakfast in the sun this morning at about 9.30am. Afterwards as we had plenty of time we decided to walk to Chubahil for the sisters class at noon. It is about an hour's walk and is always very interesting. Words and photos can never do justice to the unusual situations you are constantly coming across. Precision driving is an art form here and is practised by one and all, roundabouts are the funniest and we have never been really able to explain them as they are so wacky but generally seem to work. In all the times we have been here there are a few road rules we have worked out and they are these:

1. A taxi travelling on a meter must stop to take a mobile phone call (as the meter is still ticking) but if on fixed price just get there as quickly as possible.
2. Hands free mobiles on a motor bike.....don't worry just tuck the mobile into the side of your helmet and talk away.
3. Only the driver of a motorbike is required to wear a helmet, you may have as many passengers as you can fit and they don't matter.
4. Give way to no one everyone else is a nuisance and in your way.
5. Sound your horn louder for tourists they must be hard of hearing (or are now anyway).
6. Horning gives you right of way.
7. If it is a two way road then it is naturally about 4 lanes wide.
8. If the road is busy use the footpath (if there is one), or at least where everyone walks.
9. Any driver can only use one side of the road at a time, it doesn't matter which side, ideally keep left but only if that suits you.
10. If there is only room for 1 vehicle at a time in a space then there will be 1 vehicle and 3 motorbikes trying to go in different directions at the same time and all horning each other.

We arrived at Chubahil and about 30 or more brethren and sisters joined us at noon. It was set down to be a sisters class but as Ken had not covered the letter to Pergamos the brethren and sisters had requested he consider this today, which we sisters gladly jumped at. The daily reading of Revelation 15 & 16 was considered and Ken gave a few brief comments before moving onto our subject for the day of the ecclesia at Pergamos. The brief comments, questions and discussions took until 2.20pm but they were still keen to continue and cover the letter to Pergamos so the session concluded at 3.50pm. We all enjoyed buscuits and tea together. For those who say children cannot sit still for long, there were two young children there and Anjal who is 3 1/2 sat still for the whole 4 hours and made not a sound, all he had to occupy him was an A5 piece of paper and a pen, his little sister Abigail, who is 10 months old slept for the first couple of hours and then just sat in her mothers lap, she gave 2 squeeks in the whole time.

Bro Raj has come down with a nasty head cold and Sis Sucra is also unwell. Sis Pinkie has what appears to be an abcess on her tooth as she is on antibiotics and has a sore tooth. Srijanna also has a head cold. Sis Munmayer (Sis Pumum's mother) was at the meeting today and she has just recovered from pneumonia

Afterwards we had been invited to visit Bro Rueben's for dinner. Bro Kishan and Sis Kalawati took us to his shop up in Chubahil and we all were seated for an amazing dinner. Bro Rueben was exceedingly generous and we had too much to eat. Even Sis Kalawati was hiding her plate and cup so they could not be refilled. After this we decided we needed to walk some of our meal off so we walked Bro Kishan and Sis Kalawati home and then continued on back to Thamel. We arrived back about 8pm and are dead beat, it is the memorial meeting tomorrow so we are turning in early.

We have just received a phone call to say that Junu's grandmother, who is a Sister (but I can't remember her name) fell earlier today and has broken her leg, she is in a local hospital and is due to have an operation tomorrow, but we know no more than that.

Posted by Julie Pitcher 06:56

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